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Bold. Chic. Unique...Truly Ear-Catching

Sarah Tancer is an NYU/Tisch classically trained performer who brings serious acting chops to all over her voice over projects.  She lends her voice to commercials, narration, audiobooks, IVR and lots of kick-butt video game heroes and villains.

Her rich and expressive alto can be wise and professional, intimate and warm, or gritty and cheeky.  Whatever the script, Sarah digs in deep and finds a truthful way to connect and communicate to her audience.

Sarah is also a singer and songwriter and has had a number of underground dance music hits, including a Billboard top 10 with her song, “All Here Now”. When she’s not behind the microphone you can find her dancing with abandon in a gown and gold sneakers.


Sarah was a great versatile brand voice over talent

"Sarah was a great versatile brand voice over talent for us. She was able to bring the casual charm to the general brand TV and Radio spots and when it came time to pitch promos and excitement, she flowed naturally into that higher energy zone."

- Robert Farthing, Senior Content Producer at Reister 

Sarah Tancer's instincts and choices as an actress are always spot on...

“Sarah Tancer's instincts and choices as an actress are always spot on, which makes working with her an absolute pleasure and my job as a Voice Director easy!  Sessions with her are a wonderful and true collaboration between actor and director.  I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her!”

- René Veilleux, CEO of Verité Entertainment

Sarah's ability to intuitively understand the subtleties of the character and script are unparalleled. 

"There are few actresses I have come across in my extensive experience as a Voice Over director that exhibit such raw, undeniable talent as Sarah.  My experience working with her has been nothing short of amazing.  Regardless of the project, character, or demands of the role, Sarah's ability to intuitively understand the subtleties of the character and script are unparalleled.  I have worked with hundreds of actors, on hundreds of games, and Sarah is at the top of my list when it comes to recommendations for nearly any project.  To put it another way, She Rocks!"

- Nick Thomas, Managing Partner at SomaTone Interactive Audio

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